Le Petit Bleu: Art During Dark Times, My Game of Thrones Theory & Things I Read (And Didn't Read) Recently

Sunday 19 April 2020


HOW IS EVERYBODY doing? I am trying to find my way back to blogging. There are many things I want to write about, but they're all in half-sentences. Here they are:

Art is a way of survival.

“I N   T H E   D A R K   T I M E S
W I L L   T H E R E   A L S O   B E   S I N G I N G ?
Y E S ,  T H E R E   W I L L   A L S O   B E   S I N G I N G .
A B O U T   T H E   D A R K   T I M E S .”

— Bertolt Brecht.

Blogs. Whiskey River has one of the richest blogrolls I have come across and I cannot wait to go through it. Similarly, have you heard of DREAMWIDTH? It is this old-timey text-based blogging platform which to this day has plenty of writers/diarists. Start with Rush That Speaks and head down the rabbit hole.

Books. I read the The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories this Winter. The “Peasant” story was my favourite. Loved, loved, loved the voice of the hobby painter housewife. I have met people like her. I have imagined their lives. I started A Girl is A Half Formed Thing around the same time. Still on it. Eimear McBride's stream-of-consciousness style reads like straight whiskey and I am a slow drinker. Have started and abandoned a handful of books since the New Year. Plan to start Galore. Thing is, I am a mood-reader and I don't know what mood this time calls for... Poetry, maybe? If you know anyone similar to Louise Glück, not too frilly, about the ordinary, I would love to hear.

My Game of Thrones Theory. I haven't read the series. Only watched the show and read G.R.R. Martin's blog. I like that he rotate between writing projects. He is a craft writer alright.  I like how he supports other Fantasy and Sci-Fi writers. I want to read Dying of the Light. People say “Winter is coming” is a metaphor for climate change. I think the looming end of the eternal summer is a subtle snub to sunny Los Angeles and the film industry. He was a frustrated script writer of unmade TV shows who wrote A Song of Ice and Fire to let his imagination run wild. 

Covert Art: Fresco from the House of the Golden Bracelet. Pompeii.

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