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Wednesday, 26 May 2021


HELLO. I am in a terrible reading slump. I have finished four books so far this year. FOUR. To put myself back into the swing of things, I'll be reading from my list of favourite authors.

CATHERYNNE M. VALENTE. Next year, I hope I to be earning enough income to afford being a patreon for Cat Valente. She is the writer I want most to see succeed. Ever since watching the Van Gogh film with the guy from Star Wars, I have realized how important it is to show appreciation and elevate artists we love during their lifetime. She has a youtube channel too, where she has published some dramatic readings of her works. She has a thriller coming out this fall, Comfort Me With ApplesUntil then, I am going to read The Bread We Eat In Dreams(Listen to an excerpt read by the author here.)

RAMONA AUSUBEL. I loved A Guide To Being Born a few years ago. I'll be trying Awayland.

KAREN RUSSELLGonna take a pass for now, but am noting that yet another short story from Saint Lucy's Home Raised By Wolves was elongated into a novel: Sleep Donation

MARGARET ATWOOD. I haven't read an Atwood in six years. Up until then, I had been on a crusade to read all her works. I don't think I've read The Circle GameLet's restart there, Peggy. 

LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY. I am currently reading Chronicles of Avonlea and it's darling. It's goofy but I feel that it teaches perfectly dialogue and scene transitions. I can see shreds of what would become The Blue Castle.

ALISSA NUTTING. Nutting's writing is liberating and reminds me that books are just made of words, don't take it too seriously, do whatever you want with them!!! Her last realease was a sillicon valley satire starring a guy who falls in love witb a dolphin, a woman with a chip in her brain put there by her evil tech-millionaire boyfriend, and her sex-doll-tauting father, all while being deceitfully packaged in a soapy romance book cover. I am excited to see if she announces something new soon.

ANANDA BRAXTON SMITH. I am in need of rereading Merrow.

MONICA FURLONG. I am in need of rereading Wise ChildVisions and Longings: Medieval Women Mystics is also of interest.

ANNE HÉBERT. Need to finish Les enfants du sabbat.

CAROLE MARTINEZ. Just got Du domaine des murmuresand happily discovered it seems to be a prequel starring the mythical Dame Verte I so adored in La terre qui penche.

URSULA K. LEGUIN. I am going to pass on Leguin for the time being, but her name is good to have here if all else fails. I will always feel sorry for not having sent her a fan letter before she passed. I loved reading her blog. Fun facts I recently discovered about her: she studied French and married her lifetime partner within months of having met him. 

HENRIETTA BRANFORD. I loved the audio reading of The Fated SkyLooking up her other works, Fire, Bed And Bone calls to me. I loved Henry Williamson's animals stories. I think Branford would have achieved something similar in terms of realism, with a little more poetry.  

Cover: Tavik Frantisek Simon. Vilma Reading on a Sofa. 1912.

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