Cassandra at the Wedding

Friday 24 May 2024


THIS IS A DARK COMEDY TOLD THROUGH THE EYES OF SOMEONE WHO IS INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT AND INCREDIBLY SAD. Cassandra, a twenty-four-year-old English graduate, reluctantly returns home to attend her twin sister's wedding. The irony of her choice of attire — a white dress — sets the stage for a coming-of-age story told with a unique blend of humour, heartbreak, and razor-sharp wit. 

I've never before encountered a novel that captures the shared quirks and expressions among family members so accurately, while also portraying each character as distinctly unique. 

Timeless and relatable, save for the mention of a typewriter, I never would have guessed this novel was published in the sixties.  

Cover: Hilda Rix Nicholas. Les fleurs dédaignées. 1925. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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